Sunday, September 9, 2012

For Whom the Bread Molds

 Hello all. I have been neglecting my blog recently. Not that I wanted to, but work as been keeping me pretty busy. Unfortunately my job hasn't been productive for me artistically, but luckily a friend from work asked if I could do some art things for his game that he and another friend are working on as a side project. It's about a moldy piece of bread.

I have never really done sprite based ... anything before so it has been fun and interesting doing something a bit new from what I would normally do.

Anyway, proof that I am alive. Also I felt like painting made up plants.. so I did. Not sure why, but I did. That was also fun and relaxing for some reason. Just painted them real quick like 30 mins.
Also the first one isn't made up, ferns are real things.

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